About Better Life Canada

Better Life Canada was born out of Elaine Zamora's passion for bridging the generations through the communication of the values, wisdom and experience of Canadians for the benefit of oncoming generations. When she first saw the My Life Legacy journals, she knew they were the tools that could truly make life in Canada better by preserving the wisdom of its elders.

As the first Provincial Distributor for byDesign Media, Elaine has expanded her vision to include the unique products invented and manufactured by Face Cozy International to address specialized needs of those who suffer from sleep apnea in the CPAP community – and those who understand the value of power napping. Hence the Face Cozy and the Sleep Cozy.

With new products being added to the Cozy line, Elaine is soon to launch the Cozy Legacy Quilts and the Cozy Capes for those who are wheelchair or bed-bound. Watch for them!

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Better Life Canada Products

To My Family... My Life Legacy | Canada 150 Edition

To My Family... My Life Legacy | Canada 150 Edition

The brand new, 150-page journal, To My Family... My Life Legacy is a heritage workbook like no other! This new Canada 150th Anniversary Edition includes the bonus Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan! It is a wonderful activity addition to any retirement home or hospice program, a great advertisement item for funeral homes and insurance companies.

In keeping with the “Legacy” theme of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, it is designed for the recording of reflections, values, experiences and family history. A treasure from one’s heart to one’s family, it will provide guideposts for one’s descendants for all the years to come and allow users to preserve not only the nuts and bolts of their history, but also the essence of their personality and beliefs.

29.95 CAD

The Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan

The Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan

The Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan Guide is designed to help your loved ones organize the events necessitated by your health issues and eventual death. 

New laws governing health care and death issues necessitate individual planning of health care prior to death to ensure that one’s personal wishes should be respected. The Advance Care Plan provides a format for outlining one’s desires and beliefs concerning such issues.

Surviving family members or friends generally have to make over 100 decisions in the first twelve hours following a death. These are difficult days for them. Your pre-planning and provision of information will be of immeasurable assistance as they endeavor to finalize your funeral arrangements and fulfill your wishes concerning your estate plan. They will be most grateful for your kindness in organizing the information they’ll need.

Executors who have been left in charge of one’s estate may feel overwhelmed by the tasks that confront them. Your organization of the facts, contacts, and issues with which they will have to deal will greatly simplify and assist with the proper fulfillment of your will.

While this guide will assist with your advance care planning and the pre-planning of your funeral, your consultations and pre-planning with a funeral home and the cemetery or crematorium of your choice will be of great assistance to your family. This is not a legal document and so cannot replace legal or tax services.

9.95 CAD

Cozy Legacy Quilts

Our Cozy Legacy Quilts are custom designed using your photos, family heirlooms or memorabilia to create one-of-a-kind heirlooms.  Wrap yourself up in your family history! Tell the story of life histories, family trees, your own family, special people, or memorable events. We can digitize letters, original art, songs, recipes, old photos, greeting cards, invitations, letters, documents, newspaper clipings, or anything that can be scanned or photographed, and transfer them onto special washable fabric to be incorporated into your quilt. Of course all photos and whatever has been sent to us are returned unharmed. Photos and memorabilia can be resized for use in your custom quilt design. The price is determined by the number of photos and finished size. 

In an effort to contribute to the ability of the Mayan women of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to earn a living, we’ve established relationships to introduce their craftsmanship  to you.  It’s a win-win exchange - your Cozyness in exchange for payment to augment their family income.

0.00 CAD

Sleep Cozy Masks

Sleep Cozy Masks

For those who get annoyed with the way the typical airline sleep mask or spa mask gives them “hat-head” (you know - that annoying ridge around the back of your hair) we have the solution!

Our 100% soft, lambskin fleece Sleep ‘n Spa Cozys are designed with our patented ear-loop design – no more band around the back of your head! 

Our masks are so light and soft, they bring a Cozy experience to your flight, your power-nap or your spa time.

19.99 CAD

Face Cozy CPAP & Oxygen Therapy Skin Shields

Face Cozy CPAP & Oxygen Therapy Skin Shields

Millions of adults and children suffer from sleep apnea and respiratory ailments. While the use of CPAP therapy and masks for other respiratory conditions can be life saving, the side effects on the skin can range from embarrassing to acutely troublesome, causing a wide range of dermatological issues, from unsightly skin indentations to pressure sores and even blisters.

The plastic material generally used for CPAP masks and respiratory tubing is uncomfortable, leaving no room for your skin to breath. This can cause face sweating throughout the night and will affect your skin’s health.

The soft, breathable comfort of comforting fleece between the mask and your face helps protect your sensitive skin. It reduces irritation and indentations and helps you feel more comfortable with your appliance.

For those in the health industry, patient care is the key issue in service. The FACE COZYTM gives your patients the assurance that you truly care about his or her comfort.

For the elderly and young children, the placement of a FACE COZYTM between the skin and the respiratory appliance assists in the seal, helping to eliminate dry eye issues from air blowing into the eyes.

19.99 CAD

Cozy Capes for the wheelchair or bed-bound

For those confined to bed or wheelchairs, comfort, cozyness and style, top the list in importance. Our 100% Lambskin fleece lined Cozy Capes are custom-made for your size and style by the lovely Mayan women of the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s a win-win exchange - your Cozyness in exchange for payment to augment their family income.

0.00 CAD