Face Cozy CPAP & Oxygen Therapy Skin Shields

Millions of adults and children suffer from sleep apnea and respiratory ailments. While the use of CPAP therapy and masks for other respiratory conditions can be life saving, the side effects on the skin can range from embarrassing to acutely troublesome, causing a wide range of dermatological issues, from unsightly skin indentations to pressure sores and even blisters.

The plastic material generally used for CPAP masks and respiratory tubing is uncomfortable, leaving no room for your skin to breath. This can cause face sweating throughout the night and will affect your skin’s health.

The soft, breathable comfort of comforting fleece between the mask and your face helps protect your sensitive skin. It reduces irritation and indentations and helps you feel more comfortable with your appliance.

For those in the health industry, patient care is the key issue in service. The FACE COZYTM gives your patients the assurance that you truly care about his or her comfort.

For the elderly and young children, the placement of a FACE COZYTM between the skin and the respiratory appliance assists in the seal, helping to eliminate dry eye issues from air blowing into the eyes.

19.99 CAD