The Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan

The Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan Guide is designed to help your loved ones organize the events necessitated by your health issues and eventual death. 

New laws governing health care and death issues necessitate individual planning of health care prior to death to ensure that one’s personal wishes should be respected. The Advance Care Plan provides a format for outlining one’s desires and beliefs concerning such issues.

Surviving family members or friends generally have to make over 100 decisions in the first twelve hours following a death. These are difficult days for them. Your pre-planning and provision of information will be of immeasurable assistance as they endeavor to finalize your funeral arrangements and fulfill your wishes concerning your estate plan. They will be most grateful for your kindness in organizing the information they’ll need.

Executors who have been left in charge of one’s estate may feel overwhelmed by the tasks that confront them. Your organization of the facts, contacts, and issues with which they will have to deal will greatly simplify and assist with the proper fulfillment of your will.

While this guide will assist with your advance care planning and the pre-planning of your funeral, your consultations and pre-planning with a funeral home and the cemetery or crematorium of your choice will be of great assistance to your family. This is not a legal document and so cannot replace legal or tax services.

9.95 CAD